Kids On Drugs

No one wants to recognize that their child may be on drugs. “My kid on drugs? Never!” You may be afraid of the potential consequences that your kid may face because of being on drugs such as drug overdoses or DUI criminal charges. Or you may feel that having a kid who is using drugs means that you are a bad parent. Many parents also want to let their kids make their own decisions and therefore refuse to ask them if they use drugs. However, the facts of life are these: Thousands of kids across the United States start using drugs every day in the form of alcohol, cigarettes and other harmful substances. Millions of parents have kids who have used drugs, and millions of parents have kids who are using drugs today or will in the future.

Why do kids use drugs? There are many reasons. One of the main underlying causes for child drug abuse is the fact that there are thousands of greedy, unscrupulous and uncaring adults who produce and sell drugs to naïve kids in order to make money and recruit long-term customers.

Kids may experiment with drugs out of mere curiosity, but a more common reason is that kids want to fit in with their friends or those who seem desirable to be associated with. Unfortunately, many parents do not make a concerted effort to spend time with their kids and talk to them frankly about drug use.
Make sure you speak openly with your kids about drugs. Don’t give them too much information, but remember also that they may know quite a bit more than you do about drugs already. Answer their questions frankly and warn them of the serious physical, legal, social and psychological consequences of doing drugs.

More information : Kids First Children’s Services

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