About Us


Sobriety Network Australia, Melbourne, Australia, provides treatment, research services, and training and support initiatives, with the aim of reducing alcohol and drug related problems in our community.

The effective integration of clinical, research and training expertise is designed to result in continuous improvements in service provision, clinical practice, and policy. This involves multiple tasks including:

the development and evaluation of new approaches to treatment to improve client health and establish clinical practice guidelines

epidemiological research and analysis to inform service planning and development

designing and coordinating clinical research to improve client outcomes and intervention technology

establishing consultancy services to disseminate knowledge to generalist and specialist health care providers in the community

providing education, training and post-training support, to enhance the knowledge and skills of workers who deliver alcohol and drug interventions

formulating policy and program advice for agencies and governments

evaluating services to improve quality, cost effectiveness and planning

the development and dissemination of resources

Sobriety Network Australia seeks collaborative relationships with local community groups, as well as national and international agencies involved in the development of harm reduction initiatives.

Sobriety Network Australia Alcohol and Drug Centre, a non-government agency located in Melbourne, Australia, receives funds from the Victorian Department of Human Services, and from other sources.

Sobriety Network Australiais affiliated with St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, and The University of Melbourne. We are a collaborating Centre of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), and the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA).