Drug and Alcohol Addiction Signs

Are you looking for drug and alcohol addiction signs? Perhaps you’re a concerned parent or friend. Or maybe you’re wondering if you might be addicted to drugs. We have a list for you of some of the major signs of drug addiction. This list is not comprehensive, but we have tried to identify the most common signs of addiction to drugs to help you find out about your possible addiction.

Remember that none of the signs listed below determines on its own whether a person is a drug addict. However, if you recognize several signs, the chances are high that a drug addiction exists. Be supportive of the potential addict; you may consider conducting a drug intervention to help them come to terms with the addiction.

  • Hyperactivity, appetite fluctuations, rapid weight gain or loss, restlessness and attention difficulties. Drugs alter the brain and can cause all kinds of behavioral changes.
  • Physical marks such as bruises, puncture marks or rashes on certain parts of the body. Many people who inject drugs do so through veins in the arm, so check there as well as on the legs. Look for clothing changes, especially if the new clothes cover the arms and legs all the time.
  • Mood and attitude swings. These may include nervousness, giddiness, violent tempers, defensiveness, resentfulness and apathy.
  • Shifts in social patterns such as new friends and antagonism toward old associates.
  • Changes in hobbies, interests and activities. The drug user may not want to do things that he or she once loved to do.
  • Dishonesty. This is an important sign because the person may refuse to acknowledge that he or she has an addiction to drugs. A companion sign of drug and alcohol abuse is paranoia, since the addict may feel suspicious that others may find out about the addiction.