Ecstasy Addiction Rehab


Welcome to this brief guide to ecstasy addiction rehab. Ecstasy is a stimulant causes many physical and neurological problems, including liver, kidney and heart failure. Because the human brain becomes easily dependent on ecstasy to maintain certain hormone and regulatory fluid levels, ecstasy addiction can be extremely difficult and painful to overcome. The good news for ecstasy addicts is that professional help is available and that you can completely overcome this addiction.

Ecstasy is essentially a neurotoxin – a poison that harms the brain. While the effects of ecstasy vary from user to user, studies show that ecstasy addiction can cause significant short-term and long-term damage to the addict’s brain and body. Hundreds of thousands of Americans use ecstasy every year, often using it in combination with other harmful substances such as alcohol, marijuana or cocaine.

Because ecstasy addicts may experience frequent and wild mood swings as they go through the difficult withdrawal stage, an effective treatment center will make sure to offer support and compassion for these recovering addicts.

Look for a rehab center that offers modern behavioral treatments for ecstasy addiction. Many of these treatments have been shown to be effective in helping addicts stop using ecstasy on a permanent basis. Immunizations for ecstasy are currently in the experimental stages; don’t hold your breath waiting for a magical solution.

A residential ecstasy rehab program lets customers stay for an extended period of time and receive personalized treatment for their addiction. You can receive personal ecstasy counseling, group classes, educational therapy and twelve-step meetings, depending on the type of addiction program.